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Semi permanent Eye lash Extension Services

Single Polished Silk lashes (Catwalk Series)$75
Touch up, Singles Silk Lashes (20 or less lashes)$40

Mink Eyelashes (Sexy Kitten Series)

Touch up, Mink Lashes (20 or less lashes)$55

Removal without replacing set
(takes 15-30 minutes)


Finest of Spas, Medi-spas and laser clinics are using this brand of long lasting, natural brand of lashes. Now considered one of the tops in North America today!
To ensure proper lash application Lash Extensions must be applied by a trained, certified lash technician.
Make sure your eyelash extensions professional is certified for the highest level of service.
We treat this service the same way a medical procedure should be handled with the utmost care in safety!
Always check that your lash technician has had proper training and that their products are clearly labeled with all ingredients on bottles. It is mandatory here in Canada!


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